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Please note that in order to see all the faults on the coin it is shown larger.
The coins are listed by denomination from the highest to the lowest and for the numbering system
I have used is the Seaby's as the main number and secondly the Coin Craft catalogue numbers for the older coins, which are more explanatory. Whilst every effort is put into this list to grade the coins accurately please bear with me if you disagree, All coins are on 7 day approval against full remittance. Where two grades are listed the first one is the obverse.
Halfcrowns Florins Eighteenpence Shillings Sixpence Fourpence Three pence Maundy Copper

Crown (Five Shillings)

S-3921  1890        35.00 view


    S-3921 1890 In GVF condition 32.00  

Double Florin



    S-3922 1887 In GVF condition 25.00  

Halfcrown (Two Shillings & Sixpence)