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Click on the Cross for a larger view of the item in full colour. Please note that in order to see all the faults on the coin it is shown larger.




The coins are listed by country then denomination from the highest to the lowest and for the numbering system I have used is the Pick's as the main number
Whilst every effort is put into this list to grade the coins accurately please bear with me if you disagree, All coins are on 7 day approval against full remittance. Where two grades are listed the first one is the obverse.






Proof Coins



Republic of Portugal

KM684A Portugal 200 Escudos
Silver Proof Coin 26.5 gram Australia
   Sailing Ships 1522-1525 9.00

Republic of  Portugal

KM681B Portugal 200 Escudos
Silver Proof Coin 26.5 gram Alfonso
Albuquerque."Malaka1511 Malaca 9.00


KM148 Iraq 1Dinar 
1980 900 Silver Proof 
 Coin Wt 30.53 gram 15th Century of  Hegira 


KM137 Iraq 1Dinar  1972 50 0 Silver Proof
Coin Wt 31 gram 25th Anniversary
of the Central Bank  25.00


Proof Coins






KM 709 Egypt 5 Pounds
1993 720 Silver
Proof Coin 22.5 gram  Commemorative Coin Sailing Boat. "Queen Chnemtamun12.00

Armenia  (Russia)

KM234 Armenia 3 Roubles
1989 Cupro
Nickel Proof Commemorative Coin
Armenian Earthquake Relief  6.00




Various Grades






KM443 Egypt 1 Pound
1974 720 Silver
NEF Coin Wt 15 gram. 1st Anniversary
of the October War   12.00


KM137 Iraq 1Dinar 
1972 500 Silver
EF Coin Wt 31gram  25th Anniversary
of the Central Bank   15.00


KM145 Iraq 1Dinar  1979 900 Silver
NEF Coin Wt 31gram. Slightly impaired.
International Year of the Child  25.00


KM2219 Austria  1 Florin
 EF, .900 Silver Difinative Coin 22.5gm