Updated:  03/06/2018

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The coins are listed by country then denomination from the highest to the lowest and for the numbering system I have used is the Pick's as the main number
Whilst every effort is put into this list to grade the coins accurately please bear with me if you disagree, All coins are on 7 day approval against full remittance. Where two grades are listed the first one is the obverse.

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to see the item in full colour.  Please note that in order to see all the faults on the coin it is shown larger.


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  Table Medals (No ribbons)
MED001 1837-1897 Victoria Diamond Jubilee
Table Medallion in Bronze Size 55mm wide
In fitted original old Case 
27.00 << SOLD >>            
MED003 1986 Andrew & Sarah Wedding. Table Medallion
in Sterling Silver 37 gram, size 44mm wide
In fitted original Case 
20.00 << Email your order >>    
MED004 1969 Charles Investiture Table Medallion
in Sterling Silver 70 gram, size 45mm wide
In fitted original Case 
80.00 << Email your order >>     
MED005 Soviet 1944-1964 20th Anniversary of the Reunification and Liberation of the Ukraine from Germany. Table Medallion in Bronze Size 65mm wide
32.00 << Email your order >>        

MED006  Commemorative Medallion of the Anniversary of
Saddam Hussain 's Baath Party 1980  In Case of Issue
Table Medallion in Silver Size 70mm Wt.154 gram
`150.00<< Email your order >>