German Medal Ribbons Updated:   24/04/2018


The ribbons are numbers of the ribbons below are taken from the German ribbon book by Jorg Nimmergut
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Anhalt Gemeinsam  G/003 - 38mm
Order of Albert the BearKnight & Medals
Anhalt Bernburg  G/009 - 35mm
Civil Merit Decoration Medals 1836-1863
Anhalt Bernburg  G/016 & - 30mm
Honour Decoration for Life Saving
Anhalt Dassau-Kothen  G/018 - 35mm
Civil Merit Decoration Medals for
Arts & Science 1854-1869
Anhalt Gesamtstaat  G/027 - 30mm
Friedrich Cross 1914-1918. Combatant
Anhalt Freistaat  G/032 - 35mm
Medal for Life Saving 1925-1934

Out of Stock


G/045 - 30mm
Order of Henry the Lion
G/038 - 30mm
Karl Friedrich Merit Order Cross & Merit Medal
G/041 - 32mm
Ord of the Zahringar Lion Knight
G/046 - 36mm
Civil Merit Medals 1738-1918
G/047 - 25mm
Golden Jubilee Medal 1902 & 1906
G/052 - 35mm
Field Decoration
G/053 - 31mm
War Aid Medal for Volunteers 1870-71
G/054 - 30mm
War Merit Cross
G/056 - 37mm
Long & Devoted Service 2nd Class, 21 & 15 yrs
G/057 - 37mm
Long & Devoted Service Medal12 & 9 years


G/076 - 38mm
Military Order of Max Joseph. (Knight)

Out of Stock
G/086 - 37mm
Order of St Michael Silver & Bronze Merit Medal
G/098 - 38mm
Order of Military Merit without Swords. (Knight)
G/099 - 38mm
Order of Military Merit with Swords. (Knight)
G/099A - 27mm
Order of Military Merit with Swords. (Knight)
Out of Stock
G/100 - 32mm
Military Merit OrderSt Michael
G/104 - 37mm
Elizabeth Order Out of Stock
G/105 - 38mm
Elizabeth Order (Female's ribbon)
G/114 - 35mm
Ludwig Cross 1916-1918
G/115 - 26mm
Ludwigs Cross (Female)
Out of Stock
G/117 -35mm
Luitpold Medal.(Gold & Silver Plain Red)
G/118 - 30mm
Luitpold Medal.(Jubilee Medal)
G/119 - 35mm Out of Stock
Luitpold Medal. (Jubilee Ribbon) Ribbon
G/120 - 35mm Out of Stock
Agricultural Jubilee Medal
G/121 - 34mm
Long & Devoted Service Cross & Medal
G/127 - 35mm
Military Merit Cross 1870/71
G/130 - 35mm Military War Commem
Decoration. 1813,1814,1815.
Out of Stock
G/130A - 35mm Military War Commem Medal 1813, 1814,1815.Military Police
G/132 - 30mm
Campaign Cross 1866
G/103 - 38mm
Ludwig Order Honour Cross
G/124 - 30mm Fire Service Merit Cross
G/139 - 38mm Jubilee Medal of the
King 1932  (as Sava)
G/073 - 30mm
Military Merit Medal 1794-1815
G/138 - 30mm Freestate 1932 Regimental Jubilee Medal Bararian Crown Prince 


G/145 - 39mm
Ord of Henry the Lion Knight 1st & 2nd Cls
G/153 - 37mm
Military Decoration 1804 -1814 Various
G/156 - 32mm
Military Decoration 1804 -1814 Various
G/159 - 30mm
Ernst-August War Cross 1914, Combatant
G/160 - 32mm
Ernst-August War Cross 1914, Non Comb
G/157 - 37mm
Waterloo Medal 1815







G/165 - 30mm Hanseatic Cross G/166 - 35mm Devoted  Service Cross   G/169 - 36mm
Concordien Order (Knight)
G/176 - 36mm
Devoted Service Cross
No Stock
G/178 - 30mm
Hanseaten Cross


G/183 - 38mm
Gulphic Order (Knight)
G/186 - 34mm
Ernst-August Order (Knight)
G/187 - 34mm
Civil Decoration 1815-1831
G/188 - 34mm
Civil Decoration 1840-1843
G/192 - 36mm
Langensalzer Medal 1866
G/195 - 38mm
Waterloo Medal 1813-14

Hessen - Darmstadt

G/205 - 35mm
Order of Phillip the Magnanimous.
Knight 1st & 2nd Class
G/206 - 30mm
Order of Phillip the Magnanimous.
Silver Merit Cross
G/212 - 30mm
General Decoration 1894-1918
G/219 - 37mm
Long & Devoted Service
G/225 - 37mm
Fire Fighter 40 yrs Service 1923-1938


Hessen - Homburg

G/232 - 37mm
Long & Devoted Service
    G/249 - 35mm
Hohenzollern War Medal 1848-49

Lippe - Detmold

G/272 - 37mm
Life Saving Medal 1905-1918
G/274 - 35mm
Military Merit Medal 1832-1918
G/277 - 35mm
War Merit Cross 1914-1918 Combatant.
G/279 - 25mm
War Merit Medal 1915-1918
for Merit in the Homeland .
No  Stock
G/281 - 38mm
Long & Devoted Service Officer Cross 1851-1873 25 Year
G/282 - 38mm
Long & Devoted Service Unter-Officer Cross 1851-1867 20 Year

Schaumburg - Lippe

G/285 - 39mm
Civil Decoration Gold & Silver Merit Medal 1830-1918
G/287 - 33mm
War Cross 1914. Non combatant
G/289 - 34mm
Cross for 1849
G/290 - 38mm
Silver Merit Medal 1850
G/291 - 36mm
War Cross 1914, Combatant
G/286 - 35mm
Civil Decoration 1899-1905 for
Male Messenger








G/295 - 32mm
Hanseaten Cross
  G/301 - 35mm
Order of the Wendischen Crown,(Knight)
G/317 - 35mm
War Merit Cross 1848-1918, Combatant
G/338 - 39mm Order of Adolf Nassau Knights Cross with Swords G/344 - 28mm
Waterloo Medal 1813-14


G/352 - 35mm
Order of Peter Friedrich, Kt
G/352 - 35mm
Friedrich August Cross 1914, Combatant
G/364 - 35mm
Friedrich August Cross 1914, Non Combatant
G/362 - 32mm
War Commemorative Medal 1866
G/367 - 34mm
Long & Devoted Service Gendarmerie


G/422 - 32mm
Iron Cross 1813/1870/1914
G/423 - 30mm Iron Cross 1813/1870/1914 non combattant G/386 - 35mm
Order of the Red Eagle without swords
G/395 - 38mm Order of the Crown,
Knight without swords
G/398 - 38mm Order of Hohenzollen
without swords
G/414 - 30mm
Red Cross Medal 1898-1920
G/406 - 30mm
Merit Cross 1912-18
G/439 - 30mm
War Aid Cross 1917-1924
G/386 - 35mm
General Decoration Silver Medal
G/403 - 37mm General Decoration Silver Medal Military Police G/404 - 27mm
General Decoration Cross
G/441 - 32mm Long & Devoted Service Officer Decoration
G/424 - 35mm
1813-1815 War Medal for Combatant
G/426 - 32mm Commemorative Medal 1813-1815/1863 Combatant G/424 - 35mm
1813-1815 War Medal for Non Combatant
G/426 - 32mm Commemorative Medal 1813-1815/1863 Non Combatant G/432 - 32mm
Alsen Cross 1864 Combatant
G/429 - 32mm
Duppeler Sturm Cross 1864 Combatant
G/435 - 30mm
War Medal 1864 Danish Campaign
G/436 - 30mm
Koniggratz Cross 1866 Combatant
G/437 - 32mm
Koniggratz Cross 1866 Non-Combatant
G/412 - 26mm
Life Saving Medal




G/450 - 35mm
House Order & Merit Order
War Ribbon
G/464- 35mm
Life Saving Medal 1896-1918
Reuss- Jungere Linie
  G/596 - 35mm
Order of Merit Civil

Saxon Kingdom & States






G/469 - 35mm
Military Order of St Henry, Knight
G/475 - 35mm
Civil Merit Order, Knight
G/478 - 35mm
Order of Albert, Knight
G/478A - 28mm
Cross of the Order of Albert,
No Stock
G/492 - 36mm
Friedrich August Medal War Ribbon
G/496 - 33mm
Commemorative Cross for 1866






G/500 - 35mm
War Merit Cross 1915-1918
G/501 - 31mm
Long Service Medals 1868-1877
G/502 - 36mm
Long & Devoted Service Medal
G/508 - 40mm Merit Cross to Order of the White Falcon War Ribbon G/509 - 38mm
Order of the White Falcon, Knight
G/510 - 38mm
Arts & Science Merit Medals 1816-1834






G/511 - 40mm
Merit Medals with & without Swords
G/521 - 32mm
Long Service Medal 1913-18
Out of Stock
G/523 - 38mm War Commemorative Medal 1814-1815 No Stock G/531 - 35mm
Order of Ernst Herzoglich, Knight
G/531A - 25mm Order of Ernst Herzoglich, Knight (narrow) No Stock G/568 - 30mm
War Merit Medal combattant






G/569 - 30mm
War Merit Medal non-combattant
G/537 - 30mm
Life Saving Medal 1902-1918
G/552 - 35mm
Herzog Alfred and Carl Eduard Medal
G/559 - 30mm
Hochzeits Carl Eduard Medal 1905
G/558 - 26mm Hochzeit Herzog Alfreds 1899 Silver Medal G/578 - 25mm Schwarzburg Honour Cross & Medal up to 2nd Class Nof Stock

G/580 - 30mm
Some Civil & Military Honour Decorations






G/618 - 35mm
Cross to the Miitary Order of Carl 1759
G/626 - 38mm
Friedrich Order, Knight
G/627 - 39mm
Olga Order
G/641 - 33mm
Wilhelms Cross
G/626 - 38mm
Medal for Arts & Science
G/638 - 35mm
Military Merit Medal
G/637 - 41mm
Military Merit Medal 1794-1818
G/629 - 32mm
Merit Medal 1892-1918
G/645 - 35mm
Long & Devoted Service
G/646 - 41mm
Freistaat Lifesaving Medal

German Empire 1871-1918

G/651 - 30mm
Franco Prussian War 1870-71
G/651 - 30mm
Honour Cross 1934 Combatant
G/652 - 35mm
Honour Cross 1934. Non Combatant
G/653 - 41mm
China Campaign Medal
G/654 - 31mm
South West Africa Campaign Medal
G/655 - 30mm
Colonial Campaign Medal
G/657 - 35mm
Wilhelm Centenery Medal 1897
1871- 1918 Marine-Verein Bravery
Medal E592

Weimar Republic /Freikorps                                                         Wurzburg



G/658 - 38mm
Schlesischer Eagle
G/665 - 24mm Marine-Brigade Wilhelmshaven 1920 (Equel Black/White/Red)   G/649 - 37mm Order of St Joseph
G/650 Bravery Medal - 40mm
Gold & Silver Class

Third Reich 1933-1945

G/683 - 32mm
Firefighter Decoratin
G/691 - 38mm
Order of the German Eagle Neck Ribbon
G/G727 -50mm
Knights Cross of the iron Cross
G/728 - 32mm
1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class
G/721 - 35mm
Blood Order
G/732 - 32mm
Merit Cross 2nd Class
G/699 - 32mm
Anschluss Medal
G/742 - 32mm
Italy - Africa Medal
G/700 - 32mm
Sudatenland Medal
G/701 - 32mm
Mamaland Medal
G/702 - 32mm
West Wall Medal
G/737 - 32mm
Eastern People's Medal 1st Class
G/734 - 30mm
Eastern Front Medal
G/697 - 32mm
Luftschutz Decoration
G/715 - 30mm
Social Services (Volksplege)
G/733 - 32mm
Merit Medals
G/698 - 10mm
Mother Cross (Narrow)
G/718 - 32mm
Olympia Medal
G/696 - 29mm
Mine Workers Decoration Medal
G/740 - 32mm
Spanish Volunteers in Russia Medal
G/703 - 37mm
Faithful Service Cross
E737 - 38mm Indian Forces
WW2 Azad Hind Medal
G/692 - 30mm
Order of the German Eagle Bronze Medal
G/741 - 33mm
Spanish Vounteersl Blue Devision
G/725 - 32mm
Spanish War Erenkreuz 1936-39

Veteran's Associations

GRB112 - 25mm Kyffhauser-Ehrenkreuz (Monument) GRB113 - 25mm
Prussian Kriegs-Eringarrungskrauz
GRB112.2 - 25mm
Prussian Kriegerverein
GRB168 - 30mm (Honour Legion Medal)
Empire 1871-1918 Ehrendanmunze d. Weltkrieges
GRB169 - 25mm
Empire 1871-1918 Flanderkreuz
GRB170 - 25mm
Empire 1871-1918 Kyffhauser-Bund
GRB171 - 30mm Empire 1871-1918
Ehrenbund der Weltkriegesteiler
GRB173.28 - 25mm Empire 1871-1918
Marine-Verein.Medal for Bravery
GRB173.2- 30mm
Empire 1871-1918 Argonnen Cross
GRB173.22 - 30mm
Empire 1871-1918 Chamagne Cross
GRB173.23 - 30mm
Empire 1871-1918 Somme Cross
GRB173.23 - 30mm Empire 1871-1918
Verdun Cross
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