Ribbon Bar Service Updated:  13/01/2016
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Please Note !! Turn round for medal mounting and ribbon bars is at best 7 working days from confimation of order.
Brooch fixing Multi Ribbon bars Pin fixing

Ribbon bars for wearing without medals (Brooch fixing bars have now been discontinued)

These Ribbon bars are supplied with ribbon fitted. They are not supplied for the customer to fit his own ribbon.

Please Note that with the Nato Medals being 38mm wide the most ribbons per bar for normal wearing is 4 ribbons

Pin Through Ribbon bar for tunic
All motifs are charged extra
Pin Ribbon Bar 1 Space Pin on Bar now 3.55
Pin Ribbon Bar 2 Space Pin on Bar now 4.50

Pin Ribbon Bar 3 Space Pin on Bar now 5.75
Pin Ribbon Bar 4 Space Pin on Bar now 6.40

Pin Ribbon Bar 5 Space Pin on Bar now 6.75
Buckram Ribbon bar to sew on tunic
All motifs are charged extra
Ribbon Bar 1 Space Buckram now 1.00
Ribbon Bar 2 Space Buckram now 2.00
Ribbon Bar 3 Space Buckram now 3.00
Ribbon Bar 4 Space Buckram now 4.00
Ribbon Bar 5 Space Buckram now 5.00

The above charges do not include the postage which is charged extra