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    Name:- Roy W.J.Woolley, I am the sole proprietor of the business, helped by my wife who looks after the administration side of the business. This site will be of interest to those who collect world wide Orders & Decorations. Some of the items in the lists have pictures to accompany them, (However the size is not always as shown especially on the smaller items). This is the second of my websites and was designed and built by me. I hope you find it easy to navigate around the site. The pictures on the home page shows just a few medals similar to those listed on this site.
You may wish to ask me about some of the items. If so please do not hesitate to get in touch either by Email, Fax or by filling in the Contact Form. Like you, I am always willing to learn especially about foreign awards. Now about my the businesses.
World Medals has come into being because the website title is more in keeping with my main activities. Unlike Antique & Collector which has been on the internet some 20 years dealing mainly in Medals, Coins, Militaria. That site will still be operating with items other than medals etc. I have been a collector come dealer for 34 years.
  I used to collect medals to the North Staffordshire Regiment but I now concentrate on foreign awards of Europe especially the Balkan countries.I had a shop for some 8 years in Burton-on-Trent <<(Click here for more information) This is in Staffordshire, Middle England. I sold Coins, Militaria, Badges, Banknotes and Antique Jewellery along with many other related items. I now carry on with this extensive range of medal ribbons for foreign awards particularly for European countries and German States.
I use to remount Imperial German groups pre 1918 in the court style, but the business expanded so much that I no longer have the time to devote to this activity.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short personal history.
Roy W.J.Woolley