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Ribbons Etc.


Coins & Medallions

Badges Etc.

On this medal section there is British & Foreign Medals & Decorations,
Also On this section there is selection of medal mounting accessories,
ribbons, Replacement Medals and Miniatures. We do not now carry out the mounting of medals for wear.

I hope you will find some of interesting
ribbons for sale by the metre on this section. There is a large selection of 560 medal ribbons. UK and Foreign ribbons in full size specification
We do have a small amount of common miniature UK ribbons.



I hope you will find something of interest on this section of my site.
In the coin section are British & Foreign Coins,
There are some Foreign proof silver coins.
Many other non proof coins and medallions


I hope you will find something of interest on this section of my site.
On the Badge section there are British & Foreign Badges,
Also On this section there is selection of Home Front Badges.

A small section on Militaria.



















See my Ebay Shop for more ribbons sold by the Metre.
see the latest ribbons to be added for German medals 





" Important Notice "  We do not mount medals for wear now


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