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Updated:  28/04/2018


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Western Europe Eastern Europe Middle East Area Americas
Austria (Empire & Republic) Bulgaria Kingdom & Republic Egypt Kingdom & Republic (No Stock) United States of America
Kingdom of Belgium Czechoslovakia Kingdom of Ethiopia Venezuela (No Stock)
Republic of France Kingdom of Greece Iraq Kingdom & Republic (No Stock) Brazil (No Stock)
Finland (No Stock) Hungary Kingdom of Jordan (No Stock) Far East
German States & Third Reich Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia (No Stock) Middle East Brunei (No Stock)
Italy Kingdom & Republic Republic of Poland Tunisia (No Stock) China Kingdom & Republic (No Stock)
Netherlands Romania Turkey (No Stock) Thailand
Spain (No Stock) Serbia & Yugoslavia Lebanon (No Stock) Japan & South Korea
Luxembourg (No Stock) Asia Sudan Africa
Portugal (No Stock) Russian Empire & USSR Syria (No Stock) Central & African Countries
British Commonwealth Middle Asia Malta Malawi (No Stock)
 Australia (No Stock) India, Pakistan and Bahawalpur    

Please Note!! Where silver and gold describes the award this is not the metal the award is made of unless otherwise stated.
Click on the name of the country that interests you. If the country you want is not shown then I am out of stock for that country.