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Updated:  05/10/2018 
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Please use this email <<  >> To order your requirements
IMPORTANT! >>When asking for a quotation  please include your location.  i.e. Country for postage costs and send to above email address
Please note ! Due to an unfortunate eye problem I am unable to take any orders for medel ribbons.
I have difficulty using the computer screen to write messages.


Again when ordering  PLEASE INCLUDE  your postal address.
I cannot fulfil the order without your location

                                 Copy the form into this Email  and fill in the details on the Email

Please may I order these Items from your Website

Postal Address.




Telephone No.

Orders & Quotations,  (Please include a number when ordering ribbon):


Paypal,  Credit Card,  Cheque,  Other :
Your preferred payment state here - 
Item cost:- Postage will be added when you receive the quote.