World Medals British Ribbon Chart                  Updated: 15/02/2019
IMPORTANT !! All prices are for 6" multiples. All of the 32mm ribbons after 1914 are priced at 1..25  Pre 1914 ribbons are priced at 1.25 - 2.50. Commemorative ribbons 1.75 - 2.00 . For Orders, Decorations and Specials, Prices on application
The ribbon numbers are taken from the MEDAL YEAR BOOK  Not all of these ribbons are available by the Mtr  Please ask If you cannot see your ribbon

Orders of Chivalry


4. Order of The Bath
6" 1.25 - Mtr 4.25
5. The Royal Guelphic Order 6. Order of St Michael & St George 12. Royal Victorian Order 13. Royal Victorian Medal 14. Victorian Order & Medal Asso
15. Order of Merit
16/A. Order of the British Empire 1st Type (Civil) 16/B. Order of the British Empire 1st Type (Military) 16/C. Order of the British Empire 2nd Type (Civil) 16/D. Order of the British Empire 2nd Type (Military) 19B. British Empire Medal (Military)
19C. British Empire Medal (Civil) 19A. Queens Volunteer Reserves Medal 20. Order of the Companion of Honour 21. Baronets Badge 22. Knight Bachelor 23/A. Order of St John of Jerusalem  
23/B. Order of St John of Jerusalem
  Knight & Officer

Decorations & Gallantry Awards

24. Victoria Cross 26. George Cross 27. Distinguished Service Order 29. Imperial Service Order 30A. Conspicuous Gallantry Cross 31. Royal Red Cross
32. Distinguished Service Cross 33. Military Cross 34. Distinguished Flying Cross 35. Air Force Cross 38. Kaiser-Hind
39A. Albert Medal Bronze Sea
2nd Class
39B. Albert Medal Bronze Land 2nd Class 41. Distinguished Conduct Medal 44A  Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (Navy) 44B. Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (RAF) 45. George Medal 47. Queens Police Medal for Distinguished Service
46. Queens Police Medal for Gallantry 48. Queens Fire Service Medal for Distinguished Service 53.Burma Gallantry Medal 54. Distinguished Service Medal 55. Military Medal 56 Distinguished Flying Medal
57. Air Force Medal 59. Indian Police Medal
61A. Colonial Police Medal for
Gallantry. NOT STOCKED
61B. Colonial Police Medal for Meritorious Service. NOT STOCKED 63. Queens Gallantry Medal 64. Allied Subjects Medal.
65. King's Medal for Courage in the Cause of Freedom. 66. King's Medal for Service in the Cause of Freedom. 67. Sea Gallantry Medal.

69. British North Borneo Company Gallantry Cross



Campaign Medals 1793 - 1939

87. Bagur and Palamos Medal 91 Burma medal 93. Naval Gold Medal NOT STOCKED 94. Naval General Service Medal 1793 95. Army Gold Medal. NOT STOCKED 98. Military General Service 1793
99. Waterloo Medal 101. Hanoverian Waterloo Medal 102. Nassau Waterloo Medal 104. Army of India Medal 105A. First Ghuznee Medal NO STOCKD 105. Ghuznee Medal
107. Candahar, Ghuznee Cabul Medal 108. Jellalabad 110. China War Medal 1842 (Wide) 111. Scinde Medal 112. Gwalior Star 113. Sutlej Medal
114. Punjab Medal 1848 115. South Africa 1853 117. India General ServMedal 1854-95 118. Baltic Medal 1854 119. Crimea Medal 1854 120. Turkish Crimea Medal 1855
121. Indian Mutiny Medal 122. China Medal 1857 123. New Zealand Medals 1845-1866 124. Abyssinia Medal 1867 125. Canada General Service Medal 1866 126. Ashanti Medal 1873,
East West Africa Medal 1887
127. South Africa Medal 1877 128. Afghanistan Medal 1878 129. Kabul to Kandahar  Star 130. Cape of Good Hope Medal 131. Egypt Medal 1882 132. Khedive's Star 1882
134. North West Canada Medal 135. Royal Niger Co Medal 136. Imperial BEA Co.s Medal 138. BSA Co.s Medal 140. Central Africa Medal 141. Hong Kong Plague Medal
142. India Gen ServMedal 1895-1902 143. Jummoo and Kashmir 144. Ashanti Star 1896 145. Queens Sudan Medal 1896 146. Khedive's Medal 1896 147. East & Central Africa Medal
148A. BNB Co'.s Medal 1st Type 148B. BNB Co.s Medal 2nd Type 148C. BNB Co.s Medal 3rd Type 149. Sultan of Zanzibar's Medal 150. Queens South Africa Medal 151. Mediterranean Medal
152. Kings South African Medal 153. St John Ambulance Brigade South Africa 154. Kimberley Star & Medal 156. Yorkshire Imperial Yeomanry Medals 1900 157. Defence of Ookiep Medal 158. China Medal 1900
159. Transport Medal 1899 160. Ashanti Medal 161. African General Service 1902 162. Tibet Medal 163. Natal Medal 163A . Messina Earthquake Medal
164. India General Service 1908-1935 165. Khedive's Sudan 1910 173. Naval General Service Medal 1915-1962 174. General Service Medal 1918-1962 175. India General Service Medal
176. North Borneo GSM

1st World War Medals 1914-1918

166. 1914-18 Star 168. British War medal 1914-1918 169. Mercantile Marine Medal 1914-1918 170. 1914-18 Victory Medal 171. Territorial Force War Medal 188A. Canadian & NZ Memorial Cross NOT STOCKED

2nd World War Medals 1939-1945

177. 1939-1945 Star 178. Atlantic Star 178A Arctic Star 179. Air Crew Europe Star 180. Africa Star 181. Pacific Star
182. Burma Star 183. Italy Star 184. France & Germany Star 185. Defence Medal  186. War Medal 187. India Service Medal
188. Canadian Volunteer Service Medal 189. Africa Service Medal 190. Australia Service Medal 191. New Zealand Service Medal 192. South Africa War Service Meda 193. Southern Rhodesia War Serv Medal
194. Newfoundland Volunteer War Service Medal          

 Post 2nd World War Campaign Medals

195. Queens Korea Medal 1950 197. United Nations Korea Medal 198. Campaign Service Medal 1962-2008 198A OSM for Sierra Leone 198B OSM for Afghanistan 198C OSM Democratic Republic of Congo
200. Vietman Service Medal 1964 201. South Vietnam Gov Medal 1964 202. Rhodesia Medal 203. South Atlantic Medal 1982 204. Gulf War Medal 1992 204B Iraq War Medal
403 Iraq Reconstruction Medal 403 Afghan Civilian Service Medal 198D OSM for Syria Campaign 198A. Campaign Service Medal 2008 on

NATO and Allience Medals

197A. Korean Gov. War Service Medal 205. Saudi Medal for Liberation of Kuwai 206. Kuwait Liberation Medal 206A. NATO Medal Former Yugoslavia 206B. NATO Medal for Kosovo 206C. NATO Medal for Macedonia
206G.European Union Security Defence  Policy Service Medal
"European Union Police Mission" clasp-EUPM
206D. NATO Medal with Clasp "NON ARTICLE 5" (Balkens) For service with Peace Keeping Forces 206H. NATO Medal with Clasp "ARTICLE 5" (Eagle Assist) For service in AWACS aircraft
206J. NATO Medal with Clasp "ARTICLE 5" (Active Endavour) For service in Ship Monitoring in the Mediterranean 206K. NATO Medal with Clasp "ISAF" or "NTM-IRAQ" For service in Afghanistan and also for service
in Iraq
206F. NATO Medal with Clasp "Meritorious"
206B-ECMMM. European Community Monitoring Mission Medal 206E-ICFY. International Conference on Former Yugoslavia 205A-MFOM. Multinational Force & Observers Medal 206. Kuwait Liberation Medal
(No Black patch)
Ebola Epidemic Medal (Sierra Leone)  

Coronation & Meritorious Service Medals

293. Jubilee 1887 & 1889 294. Jubilee Police 1887 & 1889
& Visit to Ireland 1900
296. Mayors & Provosts 1897  301. Coronation 1902 302. Mayor's & Provost,s Coronation Medal 1902 NOT STOCKED 303. Police Coronation 1902
306. Delhi Durbar 1903 307. Visit to Scotland 1903
309. Coronation 1911 & Delhi Durbar 1911 310. Police Coronation Medal 1911 311. Visit to Ireland 1911 313. 1935 Jubilee Medal
314. 1937 Coronation Medal 315. 1953 Coronation Medal 316. 1977 Jubilee Medal 318. 2002 Golden Jubilee Medal 318A. 2012 Diamond Jubilee Medal 208. Naval Meritorious Service Medal
209. Royal Marines Meritorious Service Medal 208. Army Meritorious Service Medal 211. Royal Air Force Meritorious Service Medal 198B. Accumulated Service Medal 198C. Accumulated Service Medal  

Long Service & Good Conduct Medals

218A Navy LS & GC (Wide Ribbon) 218 Navy LS &GC (32mm Size) 219 Royal Navy Reserve Decoration 220A Royal Navy Reserve 1st type 220 Royal Navy Reserve 2nd type 221 Royal Navy Vol Res Decoration
222 Royal Navy Vol Reserve Medal 223 Royal Fleet Reserve Medal 264C Royal Fleet Auxiliary LS Medal 224 Royal Navy Aux (Sick Berth)LS 225 Royal Navy Wireless Aux LS 226 Royal Navy Auxiliary LS medal
227 Coast Guard LS Medal 1st type 227 Coast Guard LS Medal 2nd type 242J Merchant Navy Medal      
229A Army LS & Indian Army LS 1st type ribbon 229 Army LS & Indian Army LS 2nd type ribbon 231 Volunteer HAC Officer Decoration 232 Volunteer LS Medal (HAC) 231 Volunteer Decoration 232 Volunteer LS Medal
233 Territorial Decoration 234 Territorial Force Efficiency Medal 235 Territorial Efficiency Medal 236 Territorial Efficiency Dec T&AVR 237 Territorial Efficiency Medal T&AVR 240 Imperial Yeomanry LS Medal
241Militia Long Service Medal 242A Volunteer Reserves Serv Medal 242 Special Reserve LS Medal 249 Permanent Forces bayond  the Seas 1909-1930 250 Kings African Rifles LS Medal 261 Ulster Defence Regiment Medal
262 Cadet Forces Medal 263 Royal Observer Corps Medal 264 Civil Defence LS Medal 264A Ambulance Service LS Medal 264B Association of Chief Ambulance Officers Service Medal 265 Voluntary Medical Service Medal
267 St John Service Medal 268 Royal Air Force LS Medal 270 Air Efficiency Medal 271 PoliceService LS Medal 272 Special Constabulary LS Medal 273 RUC Service Medal 1st type
273 RUC Service GC Medal 2nd type 286 Fire Service LS Medal 274 Colonial Police LS Medal 286 Prison Officers  LS Medal 280. Hong Kong Police Medal
for Merit 1st Class
354 Suffragette Medal

Veteran's Commemorative Medals   ( Not all of these ribbons are sold by the Metre)

U5 Bomber Command Medal U6 Normandy Campaign Medal U9 Allied Prisoner of War Medal U12 National Service Medal U15 British Forces Germany Medal 1945-1989 U38  Commemorative Cold
War Medal
V043 Eastern Service Medal
V 31 Cold War Victory Medal V 33 Voluntary Service Medal U19UnofficialGoldenJubileeMedal V 36 British Army of the Rhine
V037Medal for National Service U17 Hors de Combat U14 Hong Kong Medal
U27 General Service Cross #342 Malta GC 50th Anniverary Medal permission to wear V047 Operation Overlord Medal U11 Suez Canal Zone Medal
1951 - 1957
U7 Arctic Campaign Veterans Medal U4 Dunkirk Medal Inter National Police Medal
U18 International Submarine
Service Medal
U37 Cadet Force Commemorative Medal X50  50th Anniversary of Arnhem Landings