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If the miniature you want is not listed below please ask I may have it in stock.
Please Note!! These are new miniatures to wear currently and not to be confused with collectors miniatures.
Queens Golden Jubilee miniature available at 7.00

We now have to source the miniature medals  from various suppliers and cannot guarantee the price.
please ask for a price quote before ordering any miniatures. We try to price our miniature as competitive as possible.


Miniature Orders

Order of the Bath C.B.Military     Order of St John Serv Officer (Enamelled)  
Order of the Bath C.B.Civil     Order of St John Serv Brother (not available)  
Order of St Michael & St George     Order of St John Serv New Type  
C.B.E. (Civil or Military)     Royal Victorian Order CVO (Enamelled)  
O.B.E. (Civil or Military)     Royal Victorian Order MVO  
M.B.E. (Civil or Military)     Imperial Service Order EIIR  

Miniature Decorations

Victoria Cross     Military Cross EIIR  
George Cross     Distinguished Service Cross GVI  
D.S.O. GVI     Distinguished Service Cross EIIR  
D.S.O. EIIR     Distinguished Flying Cross GVI  
Second Award Bar     Distinguished Flying Cross EIIR  
Conspicuous Gallantry Cross     Air Force Cross GVI  
Royal Red Cross 1st Class     Air Force Cross EIIR  
Royal Red Cross 2nd Class     Second Award Bar  
Military Cross GVI        

Miniature Gallantry Awards

George Medal GVI     Distinguished Flying Medal GVI  
George Medal EIIR     Distinguished Flying Medal EIIR  
Distinguished Conduct Medal GVI     Air Force Medal GVI  
Distinguished Conduct Medal EIIR     Air Force Medal EIIR  
Military Medal GVI     Queens Gallantry Medal  
Military Medal EIIR     Queens Police Medal  
Distinguished Service Medal GVI     Queens Fire Service Medal  
Distinguished Service Medal EIIR     British Empire Medal EIIR  

Miniature War & Campaign Service Medals

1914 Star (Mons Star)     India War Service Medal 1939  
Aug - Nov 1914 Clasp     Canadian Volunteer Service Medal  
1914-15 Star     Maple Leaf Clasp Overseas Serv)  
1914-1918 British War Medal     South Africa Serv Medal Overseas  
1914-1918 Victory Medal     South Africa Service Medal Home  
Merchant Marine Medal     New Zealand Service Medal  
Territorial War Medal     Australian War Service Medal  
Navy General Service Medal GVI     British Korea Medal  
Clasps below for this medal all     United Nations Korea Medal  
Palestine (Pre War)     Africa General Serv Medal Kenya  
Palestine 1945-48        
S.E.Asia 1945-48        
Malaya     Australian & NZ Vietnam Medal  
Minesweeping 1945-51     South Vietnam Government Medal  
Yangtze 1949     Campaign Service Medal 1962 on  
Navy General Service Medal EIIR     Clasps below for this medal all  
Clasps below for this medal all     Borneo  
Malaya     Radfan  
Cyprus     South Arabia  
Near East     Malaya Peninsula  
Arabian Peninsula     South Vietnam  
Brunei     Northern Ireland  
General Service Medal GVI.     Dofar  
Army & RAF 1918-64     Lebanon  
Clasps below for this medal all     Gulf  
Palestine (Pre War)     Kuwait  
Palestine 1945-48     N.Iraq & S.Turkey  
S.E.Asia 1945-48     Air Operations Iraq  
Malaya     United Nations General Medal  
General Service Medal EIIR Army & RAF 1918-62     South Atlantic Medal with the Rosette  
Clasps below for this medal all     Gulf Medal 1990-91  
Malaya     Clasp 2nd Aug 1990  
Cyprus     Clasp 16th Jan -28th Feb 1991  
Near East     MID Oak leaf  
Arabian Peninsula     Accumulated Service Medal  
Brunei     2nd Award Bars  
Indian General Serv Medal GVI 1936-39     NATO Medal with Clasp " Former Yugoslavia"  
Clasps below for this medal all     NATO Medal with Clasp "Kosovo"  
N.W.Frontier 1936-37     NATO (KFOR) Medal with Clasp "Non Article 5"  
N.W.Frontier 1937-39        
ESDP Medal with Clasp "EUPM"     Operation 'Telic' Iraq War Medal 2003 with Clasp  
For police training operations in Former Yugoslavia     Operation 'Telic' Iraq War Medal 2003 without Clasp  


Miniature 2nd World War Medals

1939-45 Star     Italy Star  
Atlantic Star     France & Germany Star  
Air Crew Europe Star     All 2nd World War Clasps at  
Africa Star     Defence Medal  
Pacific Star     War Medal  
Burma Star     Bronze Oak Leaf MID  
Miniature Coronation & Jubilee Medals  
1935 Jubilee Medal     1953 Coronation Medal  
1937 Coronation Medal     1977 Jubilee Medal  
Imperial Service Medal EIIR     2002 Golden Jubilee Medal  
      Royal Victorian Medal  

Miniature Long Service Medals

Meritorious Service Medal GVI     T.&A.V.R. Medal EIIR  
Meritorious Service Medal EIIR     RNR & RNVR Decoration EIIR  
Army L. S. & G. C. GVI     2nd Clasp Award  
Army L. S. & G. C. EIIR     RNR & RNVR LS Medal EIIR  
Navy L. S. & G. C. GVI     RFR Medal LS & GC  
Navy L. S. & G. C. EIIR     Air Efficiency Award GVI  
R.A.F. L.S.& G.C. GVI     Air Efficiency Award EIIR  
R.A.F. L.S.& G.C. EIIR     Cadet Forces Medal EIIR  
Second Award Bars     2nd Award Bar  
Police L.S.& G.C. EIIR     Special Constabulary L.S. EIIR  
Colonial Police L.S. EIIR     Ulster Special Const L.S. EIIR  
Colonial Special Const L.S.EIIR.     R.N.Auxiliary L.S.& G.C. EIIR  
Fire Service L.S. EIIR     Civil Defence L.S. Medal EIIR  
Colonial Fire Brigade L.S.EIIR     Royal Household L.S. Medal  
Army Emrg Res Decoration EIIR     Volunteer Reserve Service Med  
Territorial Decoration GVI     Woman's Voluntary Service Med  
Territorial Decoration EIIR     St Johns Ambulance L.S. Med  
2nd Clasp Award     2nd Clasp Award  
Territorial Efficiency Medal GVI     Ulster Defence Regiment Med  
Territorial Efficiency Medal EIIR     L.S.& G.C. Permanent Forces  
2nd Clasp Award     R.U.C. Service Medal  
Army Emerg Res Medal EIIR     Volunteer Medical Services Medal  
T.& A.V.R. Decoration EIIR     Queens Volunteer Reserve Medal  
Miniature Commonwealth etc Medals  
Rhodesia Medal 1980     Canadian Medal for Gulf & Kuwait  
Polar Medal EIIR     Clasp for above  
Canadian Forces Dec GVI     Malta G.C.501h Anniversary  
Canadian Forces Dec EIIR     Army or Navy or RAF Champion  
2nd Award Clasp     Shot Medal EIIR  
Canadian Centennial Medal     Russian Convoy Medal  
Canadian Korea Medal        
Canadian Vol Serv Medal "Korea"     French Croix de Guerre 39-40  

Miniature Unofficial & Veteran's Medals

Dunkirk Medal     Kuwait Liberation Med (Gilt)  
Russian 50th Anniversary Med     Kuwait Liberation Med (Silv)  
Arnham 50th Anniversary Med     Kuwait Liberation Med (Bronze)  
Bomber Command Medal     Oman Bravery Medal  
Normandy Campaign Medal     Oman D.S.M.  
Arctic Convoy Medal     Oman Commendation Medal  
Allied POW Medal     Oman G.S.M. Dofar Clasp  
National Service Medal     Oman As Sumood Medal  
Peace Medal (1945-1995)     Oman Peace Medal  
Canal Zone Medal     Oman Accession Medal  
Merchant Navy Medal     Oman 10th Anniversary Med  
General Service Cross     Oman 15th Anniversary Med  
Saudi Arabia-The Liberation of Kuwait     Oman Long Service Medal  
Brunei General Serv Medal     Malaya PKB Active Sev Med  
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